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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Capital Energy certified by the PUCO?
Yes. Capital Energy Ohio is a Certified Retail Electric Service (CRES) Provider with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).

Is Capital Energy's electricity price fixed, or is it variable?
Capital Energy offers only fixed pricing contracts to residential and small commercial clients. The electricity price is fixed for the term of the contract, usually 12 months. A fixed rate protects you from paying a higher price for electricity should the cost go up during the period of your contract. Fixed rates also allow you to effectively budget for your electricity expenses.
Capital Energy may offer variable pricing contracts to mercantile or large commercial clients only if such a contract is in the client's best interest.

Are there any built-in price increases or decreases in the electricity contract?
No. Fixed pricing is set for the term of the contract, which is typically one year.

Does the electricity price depend on how much electricity I use or when I use it?
No. With our fixed pricing contracts, you will pay the same price per kWh regardless of when or how much energy you use.

What happens when my energy contract expires?
Capital Energy will contact you well in advance of your contract expiration date, giving you the choice to extend your contract at our current low rate, so that you can continue to save on your electricity costs. If you choose not to extend your contract, you will begin paying a variable rate for your electricity that fluctuates with the energy market.

Do you charge any cancellation fees?
Yes. In order to keep our electricity pricing as low as possible, and provide our customers with choices, we do charge small cancellation fees if you choose to cancel before your contract expires.

Will there be switching, membership, or other fees if I switch to Capital Energy?
We do not charge switching, membership, or any other fees.

Does Capital Energy require a deposit?
If you have a good payment history with your utility, you will never have to pay a deposit. However, for customers with historical payment issues, a small deposit may be required.

Will I receive one or two bills each month?
You will continue to receive just one bill from your local utility provider. Your lower price will be reflected on this bill.

What sources are used to produce the electricity?
Please see our environmental disclosure form for details.

Still have questions? We're happy to help.
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